Masternode Monitoring Service

Don't lose your reward. With Delion Masternode Monitoring Service we check for your node's health, status changes and incoming rewards. No need to open your wallet all the time. We monitor your nodes for you



On node status change


On receiving rewards


Protocol version check


24/7/365 Uptime Monitor


Telegram and Email


Adjust with your timezone


Node last seen, last paid, last paid block


Check your node ip and port

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Masternode status check 5 Minutes
Reward check 5 Minutes
Notification and Alerts 5 Minutes
Notification via Email and Telegram   Free
Masternode information: status, last paid block, last seen, active time, rank, ip address, protocol version, etc   Free
Market statistics: coin's price, change 24h, coins daily, value daily, Annual ROI, MN worth, MN collateral, etc   Free
Payout notifications: number of coins reward   Free
USD value in payout notifications   Free
Protocol version check   Free
Masternode Last Seen time check   Free
Notification preferences settings   Free
Bulk notification change   Free
Timezone Setting   Free
Total MN value   Free
Wallet version update notification   Free
Payment summary (daily, weekly, monthly)   Free

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