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About Guncoin
Guncoin aims to provide the firearms industry a fast, stable and secure method of accepting micro transactions, while protecting their customers' privacy and advancing the firearms industry into the crypto currency age. Guncoin has a blockchain several years long to show for it with ZERO issues. We hope that you will find all the information on the site here to be very useful and strongly consider using Guncoin for your personal and business needs
Guncoin Price Data
Price Volume Change Marketcap
$0.00015594 $0.78 -18.23% $49,892
0.00000000 BTC 0.0000 BTC 1.5685 BTC
Guncoin Masternode Stats
Daily Earning
$0.1488 0.00000000 BTC 954.2003 GUN
Weekly Earning
$1.0416 0.00000000 BTC 6,679.4021 GUN
Monthly Earning
$4.4639 0.00000000 BTC 28,626.0091 GUN
Yearly Earning
$54.3113 0.00000000 BTC 348,283.1103 GUN
  Projected ROI: 174.14% / 210 days
  Rewards generated for masternode: 16,221 GUN
  Masternode collateral: 200,000 GUN
  Masternode price: $31.1880 / 0.0000 BTC
  Masternode counts: Total 22
  Current supply: 320,138,978 GUN
  Coins locked in masternode: 3,400,000 GUN / 1.06%
  Average MN reward frequency: 35m 50s
  Expected first reward time: 1h 47m 30s
  Masternode reward per block: 23.75 GUN
Guncoin Wallet Information
  Client Version:
  Protocol Version:
  Wallet Version:
  Wallet Connections: Show addnodes
Guncoin Blockchain Stats
  Current Block Height: 1615995  time: 2021-01-27 03:51:16
  Best Block Hash: 06b69185662195b328f94822166f9bf98927fabd37f4be959cbc01f425108ff2
  Total Blocks: 684
  Blocks Generated for MN Reward: 683  99.85%
  Average Block Time: 2m 6s
  Coin Age: 6y 9M 7d 7h 40m 42s
  Genesis Block: 2014-04-20 04:10:34

Last updated at 2021-01-27 04:00:31

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United States5
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